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When was the last time you were in front of the camera with the love of your life? I’m not talking about that photo you snapped with your phone on your last date night six years ago. Was it ever? Maybe you’re married with children and haven’t stepped in front of the camera since you said “I Do”. Perhaps you’re dating or engaged and haven’t felt any reason to have your photos taken. Maybe you don’t feel like they’re necessary. Maybe you’re waiting to lose that last ten pounds.

It's time.

I considered doing Valentine’s themed photo sessions for children this year. Then I thought, why do we always concentrate on children and forget about ourselves? We exist, too. Valentine’s Day is about love. So this year, I want to concentrate on the love between you and your partner. It’s something that should be shared and celebrated, why not celebrate it with photos? To those who have a partner who has been begging for updated pictures: this is your chance. No need to try and organize anything and figure out any details. All you have to do is book the session and show up. The photos will be at my home, so no need to even think  about a location or the weather.

Worried about trying to find a gift for Valentine’s? Maybe you don’t do gifts. Either way, why not a photo session? What a wonderful surprise for your significant other (how romantic is that particular term, anyway? Gets my heart all a-flutter). If you choose this as their gift, you’d be golden for at LEAST six months, and there will be no need to wander around the mall picking up random things wondering if it’s what they would like.

To those who don’t like being in front of the camera: I promise, I won’t bite. Having your picture taken is not as painful as it sounds. Ask anyone who’s had their photo taken by me. I’m pretty laid back and easy to work with, and most times, I’m awkward enough to make you feel better about yourself. That’s not on purpose. I’m just blessed that way.

For those waiting. Waiting to lose weight. Waiting until your hair grows out. Waiting for a reason. Stop waiting. No one knows  what tomorrow brings. 

February 10th-11th, 2018. My house. You and your love. Twenty minutes of your day, and a lifetime of that photo on your wall to remember that time in your lives. Make it a part of an afternoon out, sans children. Photos and a fancy dinner (though you won’t find the fancy dinner here. If you want me to throw a few chicken nuggets in the oven, that’ll cost extra).

Can’t wait to hear from you.

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