It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. The kiddo was invited to a friend's house, and the husband had to sleep for the night shift. What's a girl to do?

There were dishes in the sink I could have done, and I could have written my name in the dust on the end tables in the living room. But, as I like to think, that stuff will be there tomorrow. Believe me, it won't be going anywhere. 

So as I often do, I got in the car and off I went! Headed to Brown's Mountain I believe it's called, which is actually Pictou County, so the title of this entry is missing that wee bit of info.

I once saw this photo of this road where the trees were like a canopy, and it was gorgeous. For some reason, the person who posted it did not want to share the location of it. I think it's a lovely spot, and no harm in anyone enjoying it. The road itself is actually pretty rough once you get a ways up, so if you plan on continuing, you might consider a truck or a ATV. If you're heading out of Antigonish, it's around the Marshy Hope area, it's called Strathglass Road. There are actually waterfalls up there somewhere, but they require some climbing.  Steep enough that there is a rope to hang on to, so not something you want to do on your own. I didn't get that far, but hopefully will one day.

Me and my road pictures anyways. I can't resist. 

I headed down through Addington Forks and then made my way over to Pomquet and it's beautiful beach. Took a little tour on the walking trail. So peaceful, and I only met one person as I went in. On such a gorgeous day, I thought there would be lots of people! There were a few cars parked in the lot, so perhaps I missed them.

Taking photos in the middle of a sunny afternoon is always a challenge, but you do get that beautiful blue sky. When you have a little who would prefer to hang out with her friends, you have to take whatever time you can get. 

It was lovely being on the beach this time of year. I was thinking about how just two months ago, we were in the water and staying there to beat the heat of the summer. It was just cool enough for a jacket today, the perfect temperature. I only met one family on the beach when I got down to it, and they were just leaving, so I had the whole place to myself.

Don't worry, I was only a couple of steps into the grass, and was VERY careful to watch for the little piping plovers.

If you've spent any time going back and forth to the beach, you would be familiar with the abandoned house on this road. I've always been intrigued by it, and today I finally stopped for some photos. There were no signs warning of private property or telling people not to trespass, so I decided to park the car at the end of the drive and walk in. It's not far from the road, so easily accessible. 

Just a little creepy is all. On a bright sunny afternoon, you would think you wouldn't feel a little creeped out, but I still did. I ventured somewhat close to the main house, but in my head was a voice that was saying, "You are the one who gets killed first in the horror movie". So I kept my distance. I did get pretty close to the small structure, and had I not been alone, might have even been brave enough to take a few steps inside. 

Not today.

October is a good time as any to get a little creeped out. I have this weird fear of taking photos only to upload them and see things in them that I did not see when I was there. No matter where the place, abandoned house or somewhere in the woods, I always have that fear just for a moment that when I load them up on my laptop, I'll get a surprise.

No surprises yet, thankfully, though as I type this, I've managed to creep myself out again. 

Well, I guess I'll go to bed now and not sleep at all.

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