Back to school means I get back into explore mode! It was my day off, so I  headed to Guysborough.  Stopped for a walk through the  the park in Boylston. Who knew there were such pretty views? Not me!

(I suggest clicking on the photos to see them full size)

I won't bore you with too many details. It was a beautiful morning, I got in the car, and that's about it! I definitely did NOT pee in the woods. 

Below is a photo of me deep in thought about how badly I need a haircut. It's funny the epiphany's you have while out in the forest.


*whispers* so bad.

I took a lot of trips through this little village for weekend trips to visit my dad's family in Erinville growing up, and I'm pretty sure we never drove up to the top of the park. I had no idea of the view from up there. 

I also had no idea that the road to get to Guysborough from Antigonish isn't paved. You learn something new every day. The whole time I was driving, I was thinking, "This can't be the right road. Was I supposed to turn off? How come no one mentioned that it's a dirt road? I hope I'm going the right way. Oh there's a sign for Guysborough. Whew. Okay, but how did I not know this?"

On towards Mulgrave, where on the way, I discovered a beach I didn't know existed. I have no idea if it's a place that one would swim, but I would guess you would because there were change rooms. I definitely did not pee in the woods here, either, because there were outhouses, and I would always choose using a fresh, clean outhouse over the trees. Definitely.

And below are the photos I always take when I'm on my travels. I don't know why I do it, there's just something about a long, narrow road that makes me stop the car., and I always end up with at least three or four of these kinds of shots

It was a great day to wander, looking forward to doing it again!

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