I don't always have a lot to say. Really, what needs to be said about the beach? If you love the ocean, it's probably for a lot of the same reasons everyone loves the ocean.

The air. The waves. The sounds and the sand.

You know what's even better than the beach in the morning?

The empty beach at any time.

A little dirt road exploring after stopping at the lovely little chapel.

There seems to be a lot of sand and surf in my photos lately. Probably because I'm mostly steering clear of hiking trails. A bunny is cute, but I'm pretty sure I don't want to be alone on a hiking trail and come across a bear or a coyote. A dirt road seems safe enough, especially when one doesn't venture too far from their vehicle.

I thought I'd share a few from the full moon over Mahoney's this past week as well. Watching the moon come up over the beach is a whole different experience than when you're viewing it from your living room window. If you've never sat in the sand as the full orange moon comes up over the water  while listening to the waves rolling in, I highly recommend you do!

I also recommend clicking on the photos below to view in full size.

Where to on my next adventure?

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