Another day, another little adventure. 

Did you know this place existed? It's in Monastery, a few km past the Shrine.

If you want to find this place, you'll need to be prepared for a small trek through the woods. Wear boots, because being able to cross the brook will make your journey much easier. The rocks are slippery, but there are enough shallow places that would allow you to cross from one side to the other.

If you're familiar with Antigonish County, it's pretty simple. You head to Monastery, and turn down the dirt road to the Shrine. Drive approximately 3km past the Monastery, until you get to a bridge (this will be the third bridge you will cross on this road). Park here, and make your way down to the brook below. Follow it upstream (requires making your way through the trees a bit, but not too difficult). The first little area is about 200m from the bridge (I only know this from the websites I checked on to find it). 

A bit further up is the second set, which is even prettier than the first. It's where I took the most photos. There is a bit of a path on the left side to get to the first part, but for the second, it was easier to keep to the right side and climb up over the bank and then make your way down through the trees.

Since my first attempt to find a spot for photos earlier in the morning brought me to Cape George, I'll share a couple that I got from there as well, though there are very few places to stop in this mini-Cabot Trail. And did you know Cape George is windy? Not sure if it's like this on the regular, but today, it was blowing a gale!

It wasn't my original plan to visit this place today, but I'm so glad I did!

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