So, as any of you who follow me know, I’m not really a consistent blogger. Actually I’m just not a consistent anything. Eating healthy? Great for four days. Exercise kick? Maybe two weeks. Organize my kid’s clothes? That one time last spring. While I love taking photos, I just don’t always have a lot to write about.

I was discussing this with my best friend the other day, who’s always great to throw some ideas at me when I’m needing some creative help. She suggested a photography bucket list. Sessions I want to do. I thought, that’s a great idea!

Then I thought about it for a few days and did nothing about it. I really have no excuse. So I’m putting it out there now. I’m making a photography session bucket list! I’m listing these in no particular order. There aren’t really any I want to do more than any others. I want to do all of these things equally.

1. Senior couples’ session. I’m not talking high school senior. I’m talking about beautiful golden oldies.

2. Glamour session. Big pouffy tulle dress, pretty hair. Here at my house.

3. Musician. Anywhere. Would love something dirty and grungy. Maybe a parking garage. Maybe an actual garage. I’ve done a few music sessions, but I want to do something different.

4. Beach maternity session on a beautiful sunset evening. I’ve done a few maternity sessions here at home, but would love to do something on the beach.

5. Any couple. I’ve been working on my posing. I want real people to show it.

6. Dance photos. I’ve done them once before, but I want to do another session. In a big, beautiful dance studio, or in someplace completely unexpected.

7. Skateboarders/mountainbikers.

8. Glamour session in the forest. Something dark/mysterious.

Some of these I’ve done in some form but not exactly how I wanted as they weren’t for me. Some I just want to do more of. 

Not included on my list are elephants in the wild, Keith Richards, and anything else that you're *probably* not going to find wandering the streets of Antigonish. I mean, we got some wildlife here, but....

When I sat down to make this list, I thought it would take me awhile to come up with the things I’ve always wanted to photograph, but it really didn’t.

There are photos I have in my head, that I’ve been carrying around and hoping to do one day. Have I asked anyone? Nope. Just figure folks would read my mind and offer to work with me. Isn’t that how it works? No?

If you think you’d fit in my bucket, let me know. Because these would be photos for my own creative purposes, there would be no cost. The photos would be for me to share, though you would get photos out of it as well. This is not a contest, nor is it a giveaway. This is simply me sharing my most-wanted sessions, and if you want to work with me, drop me a line! I don’t expect to complete this list in a short time; I have no time-line expectations. There will not be multiple sessions for each item on the list.

If you really want to help me fulfill my list, how about sharing this entry? You can copy and paste the address above and share it through your social media, or if you’ve found this entry through my Facebook page, you can share it there.

Thanks for stopping by!

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