What do you do when you have some unexpected free time fall into your lap? If your answer is clean, then you’re doing it wrong. Maybe you take a nap. Perhaps you curl up with a good book or turn on that next episode of Riverdale (it’s okay, I’m not here to judge). Maybe you just hide in the bathroom staring at your phone because that’s the only free time you get. In that case, you go ahead and grab every moment that you can.

If you’re me, you slink past the dishes in the sink, pretending that the dishwasher doesn’t need to be unloaded. You ignore the toys scattered around the living room, and conveniently forget about the load of laundry wrinkling in the dryer. Today, I decided that I was going to put on real pants and leave the house. Today, I would venture out into the cold with my camera and hit the road.

I didn’t go far, mind you. I didn’t have THAT much free time. I had a birthday party to attend with Snicklefritz (the child) later in the afternoon after the playdate she was asked to, and being the organized, on-top-of-things kind of mom that I am, I still needed to pick up the birthday present. If you’ve never waited until an hour before a birthday party to pick out the present, then I’ve just given you the next great way to add some excitement and challenge to your life. The adrenaline rush you get from the experience is like no other. You’re welcome.

Back to my free time. Sometimes I do some of the earlier mentioned curling up with a book or turning on Netflix. Today, however, I wanted to get out. Seeing as how I’d gotten so little sleep the night before, I knew that if my butt went anywhere near the couch, I’d be staring at the back of my eyelids, so best to keep moving.

Hey, here’s a tip. If you’re going out in January for a little solo adventuring, don’t forget this one important thing: IT’S JANUARY. For some reason I saw myself just hopping out of the car to snap a photo, then hopping back in and being on my merry way, off to the next location. I forgot who I was. When I come across a location while out with my camera, there’s no hopping out, and hopping back in. There is wandering to do. There are multiple angles that must be explored, and exposures to be toyed with.

End result: my legs lost feeling somewhere along Cribbon’s Wharf.

But, it was worth it. Despite the cold, it was a beauty of a day for photos. There’s something about that winter light that makes the sky such a beautiful blue, even in the middle of the day. You wouldn’t go out in the summer to take pictures at noon, but in the winter, it’s possible. I’m pretty sure I’ve never traveled this road when everything was covered in snow, and when I got out there, I was so glad I’d decided to leave the comfort of fleece and  my reclining chair.

I landed at Mahoney’s Beach just as a carload of boys were putting their shirts back on and getting into their car. I think I missed quite the adventure, because I’m pretty sure they had gone for a dip in the ocean. Meanwhile, I was wishing I’d worn two pairs of pants. 

It’s a beautiful drive, out there on the Sunrise Trail. I wish I’d had more time to get all the way to Cape George; the scenery out there is stunning. Unfortunately I still had that birthday present to buy, and I wanted a bit of time to edit some of the photos I’d gotten.

Maybe next time. If it’s winter and as cold as it was today, this gal will be wearing multiple pairs of pants.

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