The grass was dull and dead, the trees were bare, and everything was....beige. Then, miracle of miracles, the night before a photo session with Bernard & Jan's family, it snowed. White, beautiful, fluffy snow. 

Out to Fraser's Mills to a beautiful spot house by the river. I could not have asked for a better family, nor a better location. It was just before Christmas, what better time for a snowy photo session?

What a wonderful, fun, laid back crew they were. I've never been asked to photograph an annual wrestling match, but I can no longer say this. Because I was. And I did. There was also tree climbing involved. I don't mean, someone grabbed on to a tree branch and dangled from it. Oh no. I mean, someone climbed a tree, up and up, standing at least ten feet  up on a branch. I wondered....what if he falls and breaks a leg? I better get a photo quick. 

It was definitely one to remember!

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