Hello!! It's me (I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet)! Sorry. Can you not say those words without immediately thinking of Adele? Just me then?

I've been absent these last few weeks. Sort of here. We've been concentrating on my mama lately, and though I'm not one to share a lot of personal things with the world, I will tell you that she's in the hospital and we've been spending a lot of time there with her. I've not been all that interested in picking up my camera or writing lately, but I keep telling myself that I don't need to forget about the things I love. That it doesn't mean I care any less. My own Facebook holds no clues that there's anything other than business as usual in our lives. Other than the above words, you won't find it here either. I only wanted to let those who may have been following me along on this blogging journey I've gone on that I haven't disappeared.

So, here I am. Looking back through years of photos I've taken. I thought, why not share some of them with you?

Although I prefer photos of people, I've spent a lot of years taking photos of whatever I could find. Finding photos. Making photos. Taking drives. Buying props. Buying flowers. Borrowing things and chasing light.

I once did a weekly photo project, where I took a photo once a week to post. Doesn't sound all that difficult, but by the end of it, I became so frustrated in trying to find something new each week that afterward, I wanted nothing to do with still life. I felt like I'd taken every still life and landscape photo I could. I didn't, of course, but it brought me away from it. I think it had the opposite effect than it was intended to. It did force me to take photos, which was a good thing. But it wasn't enjoyable in the end. At least it expanded my portfolio!

You would think I would have photos hung all over our house. Surprisingly, I do not. I've got a few, though most are of Snicklefritz. I've got a poster-size print in our living room that I'm quite fond of, and three in our kitchen from our trip to Rome,  a couple in our bathroom, but that's about it. I think photographers are notoriously bad for not printing. Maybe it's just me but I'm certain I'm not the only one guilty of this sin. 

How about I just stop rambling and you can peruse the rest that I've picked out to share? Some you may have seen. Some may be new to your eyes. Either way, I hope you like them!

If you've gotten this far down, thanks for following along. I hope to pick up my camera again soon, perhaps set foot in my little studio. Things are getting dusty down there. I know there's inspiration hidden around here somewhere. 

I just need to find it.

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