"You need to go to Ecum Secum" someone told me. 

It's not something you hear every day. I was raised in Cape Breton, so it's not a place I'm familiar with. What's there? Well, it's not so much what's there. It's the places you find along the way. If you like the shoreline and exploring dirt roads, it might be a place you'd like to check out. How to get there? You take the #7 Highway. You drive. And you drive, and drive some more. Hang a right in Sherbrooke, and just keep driving.

In no particular order, here's what I saw on my travels.

It's a long drive, about an hour and a half from Antigonish, but there isn't a lot of traffic, and the road isn't too bad (did I actually just say that about a Nova Scotia road??). There were a lot of dirt roads along the water that I couldn't resist. Some led me to places that had me stopping to get photos, others led me to dead ends. I couldn't help but laugh to myself when I found myself reading a sign that said I was crossing into the Halifax municipality. It's that far.

There's a place before Ecum Secum called Marie Joseph, and it's here you'll find some abandoned boats right along the side of the road. There's a massive ship there in the water, so close you could almost reach out and touch it, all rusted and broken down. With that and the little wharf, it's a lovely spot for photos!

If you want to get the full effect of the color, I suggest clicking on each one to see it full size. I tend to go for more muted tones; black and whites and darkness. Here, I couldn't help but leave these to their full color potential! Who says you can't take photos at midday? Actually I got lucky with the sun hiding behind the clouds for a good portion of the afternoon.

Then there's Liscomb, with it's beautiful river. When I stopped here and saw the little waterfall (does it qualify as a waterfall? Either way it's beautiful!), with the little cottages of Liscomb Lodge, I couldn't help but think of Dirty Dancing and the Catskills for some reason. I could almost see Johnny and Baby practicing the Lift in the water. Am I the only one? 


Though it took a lot of driving to get there, it was well worth the trip! We sure have a lot of pretty places in our backyard!

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