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To go back to how long I’ve known Lori, you would have to go way back to 1984. Dorothy MacKeigan’s class. Our playground not only had huge tractor tires to play in, but a whole house made entirely of tires that were bolted together. It never occurred to us as strange; they were just part of the playground. There were three monkey bar sets, and when you got old enough, you could do what you watched the older girls do; throw your knee over  one of the bars of the three-tier monkey bars, and swing yourself down with enough momentum that you just came right back up to the top, and then just keep on going.  If you were a boy and misbehaved, Marg threatened to kiss yer face off. She performed wedding ceremonies during recess, said things like, “Share and share alike!” and could be heard yelling for each bus trip from the parking lot to the playground. If you didn’t hear Marg yelling for your bus run, then you were probably at home.

There were some pretty great memories on that playground, and in a small, rural area, the kids you met on the first day of grade primary were the ones you walked across the stage with to accept your diploma. At least, that’s how it was for us.

Lori grew up on the Big Marsh Road, just minutes from where I grew up, and always had the most infectious laugh. Still does. Through all those years at WCS, and a few hazy nights at St.F.X., there was that laugh. When I think of Lori, I think of Peter’s bus, the Marsh, volleyball and her laugh.

It’s hard to believe so much time has passed since those days. It never occurred to me that I might one day be standing in a church with camera in hand as she and her groom recited their vows surrounded by family, taking their photos. It’s no surprise that it was in Port Hood; she was the kid who was always going to Port Hood for the weekend.

In a beautiful church in the small community that  is their home, Wilfred and Lori got married. The ceremony was very intimate, with only their families in attendance. There was something special about having so few people in such a large church for such a wonderful event.

No one could have asked for a more beautiful setting for wedding photos. Lori in her stunning gown, looking like she’s hardly aged since high school, with her handsome groom who is, as it turns out, allergic to bees.

If you know Lori, you can hear her laughing. If you know the MacPhails, you can hear them laughing behind me at Wilfred almost being stung by not one bee, but two. The concern for his welfare was, unfortunately for Wilfred, surpassed by how hilarious they found his reaction to discovering two rogue bumblebees on his pants. Fortunately, they went on their way without causing any damage (not counting Wilfred’s pride).

There was a lot of laughing that day, and so much happiness. They fit, Lori and Wilfred do. You can see it. In the house that has the history of Wilfred’s family, they’re raising a beautiful family of their own.

If all weddings were as intimate, laid back and fun as this one turned out to be, I would be looking to do a lot more wedding photography. Congratulations to this wonderful family!

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